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Alert Now

Rockingham County Schools utilizes the Alert Now: Connect 5 Phone Notification Service.


​Your child’s school will be utilizing the Alert Now: Connect 5 service for: 

  • Back to School                       

  • Parent Conferences

  • Special Events

  • End of Grade Testing Dates    

  • Sports Cancellations               

  • Report Card Distribution                                                                                 

  • Make Up School Day Reminder

  • PTO/PTA/PTSO/Booster Clubs

  • Emergency Messages

  • Attendance / Absence Notification

The district will be utilizing the Alert Now:Connect 5 service for:

  • Weather Related Information                                 

  • Emergency Messages  

  • Other Important Information                                                                                                                            


To update your primary and emergency contact information, please call your child’s school.


To receive a replay of school and district messages sent to your phone, call 1-855-4-REPLAY or 1-855-473-7529.


Anyone who accidentally opted out of their RCS/school automated phone calls can easily opt back in. Call 855-502-7867 and select option 2. The call MUST be made from the opt-in phone number, which means schools cannot add a phone number for families.  We don't want you to miss any important messages!


Teacher Webpages

Underlined teacher name indicates a classroom website, blog, or other digital resource exists.


Read to Achieve

Read To Achieve is a part of the Excellent Schools Act passed into NC law in July 2012 and applies to all schools beginning 2013-2014 school year. Read To Achieve focuses on preparing students to be proficient readers by the end of 3rd grade. Click the link below to learn more about Read to Achieve as well as other elementary resources. 


Parent Involvement

You can help our school!

Box Tops: Clip, save and send in! The classroom with the most saved each nine weeks receives a treat!   Go to http://www.boxtops4education.com for more ideas and information.


Campbell’s Labels for Education: We started this last year and are continuing this year! Please send in the UPC codes.Go to http://www.labelsforeducation.com for more information.


Parent volunteers are always welcome! Contact your child's teacher, and please remember to sign in at the front office when volunteering.


Recommended Resources

Our teachers have contributed the following resources.  If you have found a great resource, please let us know.

Before and After School Care


Site Coordinator:  Debbie Fulp

Site Coordinator is on site 6:30 to 9:15 and 2:00 to 6:00


Operation Times: 6:30 to 7:30 and 2:00 to 6:00.

Open on teacher workdays and during summer break. 


Phone:  336-427-4921

Online Safety

Students in Rockingham County Schools are blessed to have access to a number of online programs that facilitate learning.  Your child's RCS Net ID/Google ID and password provide access to his or her media center's eBooks and his/her library account information (overdues, holds, etc.), additional eBooks via OverDrive, videos and other learning objects via Discovery Education, and digital production via Google Drive and Wixie.  Your child's teacher will make you aware if he/she is using any other online programs including, but not limited to: ScootPad, LearnZillion, IXL, and Quia.


If you have not had "the talk", with your child about online safety and the permanence of content that they publish online, the following information may be helpful to you:

View Only Copy of Core Math presentation 


NCWiseOWL:  Produced by the Resources Development and Evaluation Section of the Instructional Technology Division of the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction (NCDPI), this resource provides links to electronic databases and reviewed websites that students can use to complete project-based learning assignments. For older children in the home, please click Middle School Zone or High School Zone to be directed to other age appropriate resources.

Destiny (Library Software)

If the above link is not working, or if it clocks, but never loads, please click here to report the outage, to let us know that your child's log in is not working, or to request that your child's information be sent home again.   The My Info. tab lets students see what they have checked out and when it is due back. Students can renew their own books.  The Catalog tab allows students to search for books, place holds for books, and write reviews for books that they have read.

Discovery Education 

Your child's Net ID and password provides them access to educational videos, science content, and much more.

Google Drive

Your child's Net ID login with @rock.k12.nc.us added to it and your child's Net ID password provide access to Google docs that your child's teacher has shared with him/her and allow your child to use the applications within Google Drive.


After clicking on the Google button, enter your child's Net ID with @rock.k12.nc.us added to it and your child's Net ID password provide access to a collection of collaborative online applications that your child can use to showcase and organize his or her learning.

Huntsville's IXL Log In Page 

Your child's Net ID and password are all he/she needs to access our math practice program, IXL.  Students can use IXL to practice grade level math skills currently being introduced in the classroom and/or keep practicing skills he/she learned during previous years.

Renaissance Place Home Connect 

Your child's A.R. log in provides information about their scores on quizzes, their progress in the current A.R. period, their previous quizzes, and even allows you to sign up for email notifications.

Fundations:  Used in Kindergarten through Second grade, this program provides a strong foundation in phonological/phonemic awareness, phonics and spelling.

U.S. Department of Education (USDE):  A link to the USDE pamphlet series,  "Helping Your Child".


Math Facts Practice:  A link to PowerPoint flashcards to help with learning and retaining addition and subtraction facts.


Quia: Pronounced (kee-ah), this webpage allows users to search all shared activities that are published via Quia Web (subscription service that allows teachers to create online activities).  Just choose a subject area to get started. Fill in Keyword and/or use Sub-Category information to help narrow your search.


IXL Math--N.C. Standards: A collection of practice problems that go along with the N.C. State Math standards.


GameQuarium--Math:  Some games are better than others, but with thousands to choose from, every child should be able to find something he or she likes.


Arcade Type Math Games (computation skills tied to racing-type or blasting-type games)

Common Core Slide Rocket--presented during March 15, 2012 meeting 


The Best Children's Books.orgSearch for books that match up with topics and subjects that are interesting to your child.


Core Math--Spanish 


Multiplication Facts Timed Quizzes Online

Just click on the fact family that your child needs to practice.



My Child is Sick. Should they stay home?

When your child returns to school after an absence,  please send a note to school to explain your child’s absence.  A doctor’s note is required for each absence when students have accumulated 10 or more absences. Please use these attachments to print an excuse note that you can fill out to return to school with your child.

The following information, provided by our RCS School Nurses, may be useful to help you decide if your child should stay home from school due to illness.



Bringing your child to school with the symptoms listed below puts other children and school

staff at risk of becoming ill. This information is offered so that you will have information tohelp you make a decision about your child attending school.


Here are some guidelines from your school nurse to help you decide:


Appearance, Behavior: If your child is unusually tired, pale or doesn’t want

to eat it may indicate an illness is beginning.


Fever: If your child has had a fever, do not send him/her back to school until their temperature is normal (less than 100° F) for 24 hours without taking medication. 


Eyes: If your child has mucus or pus coming from the eyes – this may be an eye infection that needs treatment. Keep your child at home and take him to your healthcare provider.


Nasal Drainage and/or Constant Cough:

If your child has drainage that is not clear, but yellow or green accompanied by a fever he/she should see a healthcare provider. A cough that is constant is very distracting in aclassroom. The teacher will be calling you to pick up your child if the cough is loud and constant.


Sore Throat: If your child has a sore throat with fever and/or swollen glands, he/she should stay home and see a healthcare provider. The flu can be treated if anti-viral medication is started early.


Diarrhea: If your child has 2 or more watery BMs in a 24 – hour period, they should stay home, especially if they also have nausea and look pale. If there is an accompanying

fever, see a healthcare provider.


Vomiting: If your child has vomited 2 or more times in the past 24 hours, please keep them at home. If there is an accompanying fever, see a healthcare provider.


Rash: If your child exhibits a body rash, especially with fever or itching, he/she should remain at home and be assessed by your healthcare provider. A heat

rash is not contagious and if there is no itching, your child may attend school.


Ear Infections without fever: Unless your child has ear pain, they can come to school but should see a healthcare provider.



Lice- If you are aware that your child is infected, please have them treated before bringing him/her back to school. Someone at school will check your child for live lice when they arrive and progress on the removal of all nits will be monitored.


Scabies – Children with scabies may be re-admitted to school after treatment. Documentation of diagnosis and treatment is important.


Fever: If your child has had a fever, do not send him/her back to school until their temperature is normal (less than 100° F) for 24 hours without taking medication.



The following resources were shared during our Parent Training Night:


Article 29C:  N.C. Law


Kid Power 


Kids Against Bullying 


CDC's:  Bully RoundUp 

Bully Prevention



Huntsville's PBIS Google Site

RCS Discipline Guide

Huntsville Elementary has been recognized for Exemplar status for school years 2012-13, 2013-14, 2014-15, 2015-16, 2016-17, 2017-18, and  2018-2019.


PBIS stands for Positive Behavior Intervention and Support and our school is currently utilizes all three PBIS modules.  PBIS uses a combination of published expectations and inventions to direct and correct student behavior without many of the negative/punitive measures inclusive of traditional behavior management models.


What all this means:

  1. Student behavior expectations are consistently monitored based on a matrix that the PBIS committee developed in the summer of 2010.  From that matrix, the students learn our school's PBIS motto: BARK (Be Safe, Act Responsibly, Respect Yourself and Others, Kindness is the Key).  The matrix and the motto are prominently displayed throughout the school building to serve as ever-present reminders.

  2. Throughout the 2010-2011 school year, the PBIS Committee collected data based on a list of expected behaviors for five of the common areas of our school (Hallways, Cafeteria, Car/Bus Traffic, Restrooms, and Playground) and has provided students with an acceptable voice level scheme: Level 0= no talking, Level 1= whisper, Level 2= normal, used for talking to the person next to you, Level 3= presenter, used when make a presentation to the class, Level 4= outside voice. Our efforts toward communicating and monitoring our students successful adherence to universal behavior expectations led to our school being recognized as a PBIS Green Ribbon School.

  3. Students are provided with specific, targeted instruction (video, lesson plans, publication of common area policy, and practice) prior to expectations being enforced in the common area that is our focus for a particular time period/month, so that students will know exactly how they are expected to behave in all the common areas of our school.


PAWS tickets are part of the incentives that have been developed to go along with our school's implementation of PBIS.  Students who are modeling extraordinary BARK (Be Safe, Act Responsibly, Respect self and others,Kindness is the Key) characteristics are rewarded with a PAWs ticket when any staff member stops them, points out what they are doing sowell, and presents them with a PAWS ticket.  PAWS are collected and entered into weekly and six-week drawings for prizes and rewards, so the more PAWS a student earns, the better his or her chances are for having one of his or her tickets pulled during the drawings.



If your child goes out of his or her way to help another student who may have dropped his or her books, lunch tray, etc., then a staff member who sees this may reward your child with a PAWS ticket. (Goes with Kindness is the Key part of BARK)


If your child chooses to stand quietly in line while the rest of the class is restless and wiggly,then a staff member who sees this may reward your child with a PAWS ticket. (Goes with Act Responsibly part of BARK)


Make sense? Ask your child if he or she has received any PAWS.  If so, please consider telling them and showing them how proud you are of them.


During the 2011-2012 school year our school participated in Module 2 and began to make targeted interventions to reinforce expected behaviors with our students who were still not successfully meeting our universal behavior expectations.  Our school was also recognized as a PBIS Model School.


During the 2012-2013 school year our school will be participating in Module 3 and will begin even more personalized, targeted interventions that may include our school's services as well as those services throughout our school community and county at large.


2013-2014:  Huntsville Elementary has been recognized as a PBIS Exemplar School!!! During this school year, we will continue to utilize Modules 1, 2, and 3 and are hopeful that we will see an even greater reduction in instructional time lost as a result of office discipline referrals (ODRs). We are excited about the prospects of utilizing community volunteers from Rockingham West Missional Network to more adequately support and nurture our students.


2014-current:  During these school years, we will continue to utilize Modules 1, 2, and 3 and plan to focus efforts on reducing number of office discipline referrals from the bus and/or related to bus behavior. Huntsville Elementary has been recognized for Exemplar status for school years 2012-13, 2013-14, 2014-15, 2015-16, 2016-17, 2017-18, and 2018-19..


Videos used to teach the expected behaviors for each of our common areas willbe linked below after they have been used by the classroom teacher to help students learn what is expected. Unlinked content indicates that the video is being revised and is not ready for public viewing.


Hallway Expectations


Cafeteria Expectations


Car and Bus Expectations


Restroom Expectations


Playground Expectations


Homework Assistance Line (HAL)


Rockingham County Schools’ Homework Assistance Line (“HAL”) is served by licensed teachers for students in grades K-12. Students or parents may call and have a teacher help them work out problems or explain assignments in core and advanced subject areas. 


Days / Hours of Operation:

Monday-Thursday  4:00 pm – 8:00 pm, beginning in September after Labor Day and ending one week before End-of-Grade Tests.


The Homework Assistance Line is closed every teacher workday, holiday, day before a holiday and when schools are closed or released early due to bad weather.



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