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About Huntsville

Huntsville Elementary School is a 500+ student capacity elementary school for the southwest area of Rockingham County, North Carolina. The design at Huntsville has been replicated to create schools for the Williamsburg, Monroeton, Bethany, and Douglass attendance zones.

If you are new to our school community or are unsure who would be the most likely respondent to your mailing, please consult our Staff Directory to help determine to whom your mailing should be addressed. ​You can find email links or you can contact us by mail at the address listed below. We look forward to hearing from you. 

Huntsville Elementary is a Title I School--What Does That Mean?

  • Title I is a federally funded program Under the Every Child Succeeds Act.

  • It is the largest Federal Education funding program for schools.      

  • It provides funding for high poverty schools to help students who are behind academically or at risk of falling behind to meet our state’s academic Content and Performance Standards.

  • Schools qualify for Title I funds based on economic need.

Annual Meeting presentation will be linked here:

Huntsville Elementary School

2020 Sardis Church Road
Madison, NC 27025

Office Hours: 7:30 am - 4:30 pm

Student Hours: 7:20 am - 2:45 pm

Grades Served: Pre K-5

Mascot: Hound

Colors: Navy and Silver

Administrative Staff

Principal - Mr. Nathan Ziglar


Huntsville Elementary School is located in the southwestern corner of Rockingham County, North Carolina. Our school is approximately 25 minutes north of Greensboro, NC, 25 minutes south of Martinsville, VA, and 35 minutes northeast of Winston-Salem, NC. Please call if you experience difficulty and we will "talk you in."

From Greensboro, NC:

  • Highway 220 North (Battleground Avenue), becomes Interstate 73N
  • Turn left onto Sardis Church Road
  • Turn left into the Huntsville campus

From Martinsville, VA:

  • Highway 220 South (Greensboro Road), becomes Future Interstate 73S
  • Turn right onto Sardis Church Road

  • Turn left into the Huntsville campus

From Winston Salem, NC:

  • Interstate 40 East**
  • Highway 68 North to Highway 220 North, becomes Interstate 73N
    (these 2 highways merge just north of Stokesdale, NC)

  • Turn left onto Sardis Church Road

  • Turn left into the Huntsville campus

  • **From I-40, visitors may also opt to take 158 E to 65 E to 68 N--due to confusion reported by previous visitors, we no longer suggest this route, though it is shorter.











Contact Us

By Phone: 336-427-3266


Please note:  Changes in a student's afternoon transportation should be made in writing and provided to our office staff in the morning to allow staff adequate time to communicate the change to the classroom teacher, bus driver, and staff supervising afternoon dismissal.  Transportation changes delivered by phone very likely will not be communicated to all appropriate staff.  Thank you for understanding that changes communicated within a hour of dismissal will also very likely not be conveyed to all appropriate staff.

Class Voicemail:

All classrooms at Huntsville Elementary School are outfitted with voicemail.  If you call to speak to your child's teacher during instructional hours, please be aware that you may be asked to leave a voicemail message.  If you call the school after regular operating hours, our automated directory will allow you to leave a voicemail message with your child's teacher. 

Our fax number is: 336-445-1903

By Mail:

2020 Sardis Church Road, Madison, N.C. 27025

Our Mission

Huntsville’s Mission:

(Adopted January 2016)


Huntsville Elementary is dedicated to creating a community of lifelong learners by capitalizing on the individual thoughts and perspectives of all students. We will foster creativity and focus on student interests, strengths, and preferences as we prepare them to adapt and flourish in a rapidly changing global world. We will achieve academic success for all students in a safe and nurturing learning environment through the partnership of staff, students, parents, and the community.

Below are answers to many questions we often get from parents. 

Our Vision

  1. What programs or curriculum will we be teaching? 

  2. What teaching practices will we see in our classrooms? 

  3. How will technology be used to facilitate student learning? 

  4. What will the atmosphere or climate of the school be like? 

  5. How will professional development for teachers be organized? 

  6. What behaviors will our leaders model? 

  7. How will parents be involved in the school? 

  8. What will student assessment look like? 

  9. What will our extracurricular program include? 

  10. What will the nature of our community partnerships be? 

  11. How will we make decisions about the organization of time, personnel, and courses? 

  12. What will the decision-making process(es) be for determining policies and procedures in our school?


1. What programs or curriculum will we be teaching?

Huntsville Elementary is a pre-K through 5th grade school that teaches from the N.C. Standard Course of Study. Our instructional program empowers students academically, socially, and emotionally. A variety of techniques and strategies are employed to reach all learners. Additional enrichment is offered through opportunities for involvement in extracurricular activities. An inclusive program exists where teachers and support staff work together to meet the unique needs of individual students.

2. What teaching practices will we see in our classrooms?

Teaching practices will be research-based and will respect learning styles. Through incorporating a balance of personal, analytical, practical, and creative approaches, new learning is linked to prior knowledge. Our practices are based on the needs of individual learners as determined through various assessments.

3. How will technology be used to facilitate student learning?

Technology accessible through a school-wide networked computer system at Huntsville Elementary will be a primary tool for student learning and for communication between parents and staff. Through the use of Android tablets, iPad minis, and shared Chromebooks in grades K and 1st and through the use of individually borrowed Chromebooks in grades 2nd through 5th, students will have regular opportunities for hands on learning. The staff will be knowledgeable in the use of readily available and up-to-date multi-media equipment/programs to aid in instruction.

4. What will the atmosphere or climate of the school be like?

Huntsville Elementary School will be an inviting and challenging place for learning. Our school will foster a safe, child-centered, and cooperative environment where everyone can feel welcomed, valued, and respected.

5. How will professional development for teachers be organized?

At Huntsville Elementary School, professional development and learning will be an active and ongoing process. Our staff development is aligned with yearly goals that motivate and energize the entire staff to provide a positive and effective instructional environment for the students. Staff members participate in staff development programs and university partnerships to provide innovative, research-based instruction. Our media specialist also provides additional opportunities for all staff members to earn continuing education credits via a variety of technology related workshops. A professional development center located in the media center offers teachers access to current videos, professional books, magazines, professional journals, and other resources.

6. What behaviors will our leaders model?

At Huntsville Elementary School, our leaders will strive to be good listeners who are open to suggestions. They will work to be effective in solving problems and will encourage shared decision-making.

Effective leaders will motivate the staff through regular communication, as they foster a team environment and maintain a commitment to research-based practices that meet the needs of all students.

Through teamwork, positive feedback, and fairness, our leaders strive for all staff to feel valued and respected.

7. How will parents be involved in the school?

At Huntsville Elementary School, it is our desire to build strong home-school partnerships in order to support each child's overall development and academic achievement.

Parents will be active participants in our school environment--as volunteers, as members of our P.T.O. and as they serve on various committees. Parents will be an essential link in the learning process as they communicate frequently with teachers regarding academic expectations. Their contributions in a variety of ways will be valued and encouraged.

8. What will student assessment look like?

A variety of methods will be used to assess academic achievement. These include, but will not be limited to, standardized testing, student portfolios and individual and/or group projects. Assessment measures will reflect the N.C. Standard Course of Study objectives as they are taught in each classroom. Assessment will inform instruction so that student performance shall be the basis for planning future learning experiences.

9. What will our extracurricular program include?

Our extracurricular programs will promote growth for students in various areas of the school community that include, but will not be limited to technology, the arts, physical, social, and multi-cultural activities and clubs.

10. What will the nature of our community partnerships be?

Huntsville Elementary works closely with area businesses and organizations to utilize people and resources to help our students become productive citizens, so that they will be able to give back to their community. In turn, Huntsville Elementary will provide resources and activities to enhance the community.

11. How will we make decisions about the organization of time, personnel, and courses?

Administrators will work cooperatively with staff members in the decision-making needs of scheduling, hiring, and determining the most effective use of personnel in covering the N.C. Standard Course of Study. Decisions will be student-centered to provide the most effective and efficient use of time and instructional resources for all staff and students.

12. What will the decision-making process(es) be for determining policies and procedures in our school?

Administration and an annually elected group of school personnel and parent representatives will serve on a School Improvement Team and/or Leadership Team. The group will meet twice a month to address issues and concerns shared by fellow staff and parents. Together, they will determine effective policies and procedures that will reflect the best interest of students and staff. These policies and procedures will be reviewed and updated as needed. Minutes of each meeting will be distributed within two days.

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A Brief History

The design for Huntsville was the product of cooperative efforts by teachers, administrators, and residents from all areas of Rockingham County. The planning committee considered all the capacities under which these schools would operate and planned features accordingly. 

Among the features are centrally located administrative offices at the main entrance to provide adequate supervision of all who enter the building. The grade levels are broken down into smaller "houses" comprised of one Pre-K class; three classes for grade levels Kindergarten, 1st grade, 2nd grade, 4th grade, and 5th grade; four classes 3rd grade. The media center, multipurpose lab, art room, music room, resource rooms, gymnasium, cafeteria and project lab are located centrally for easy access from all areas of the building. The Gymnasium, Stage, and Dining Room are situated so that these areas may be accessible after hours for community use, without disturbing the academic portion of the building.Construction began in the Summer of 2001 and was completed during the Summer of 2003.

Huntsville Elementary School provides the community with a beautiful state-of-the art facility with over 75,000 square feet. Huntsville Elementary, which opened in August 2003, welcomes students in grades Pre-Kindergarten through Fifth Grade. Literacy development and meeting the needs of diverse learners is a top priority. All students participate in art, music, and physical education classes weekly. Huntsville Elementary School offers a safe, nurturing environment in which academic excellence and character education are valued.         


     Parental involvement and support from the surrounding community is outstanding at Huntsville Elementary. Our dedication to our mission of helping students "grow as readers, writers, and solvers of real-life problems" makes us a unique learning community.

Huntsville PTO

School Improvement Plan

Current or Upcoming Events:

PTO meets every second Tuesday of each month at

7:00 p.m.  Meetings are held in person in the Media and/or
via Zoom.  Please check Class Dojo on the day of the

meeting or send an email to to let us know that you want

to attend the meeting and we will send you an

invitation link to join us.

Follow us on Social Media:



The link to join PTO and pay online via credit card is:

Huntsville Elementary PTO-CheddarUp

Download a printable membership form and send back
to the school with either cash or check (made out to

Huntsville Elementary PTO):

Huntsville PTO Membership Form

**IMPORTANT**--When you join PTO, please send an

email to that includes Your Name, 

Your Child's Name, and Your Child's Teacher's Name, so

that your child's class will receive credit for you joining.

Officers and Coordinators

Email contact for all PTO inquiries:

Personal contact for PTO is Dana Eaker.

  • President - Dana Eaker

  • Vice President - Elizabeth Crouch

  • Treasurer - Leigh Wallace / Co-treasurer: Austin Rhodes

  • Co-Secretary - Tigra Collins & Kristen Watson

  • Member-at-large - Jenni Kennedy

  • Member-at-large - Lori Martin-Loy

  • Member-at-large- Heather Hall

  • Member-at-large- Kayla Bullins

  • Teacher Representatives: Donna Edrington, Amanda Farrell,
    Tina Hanes, and Tamara Mills

Interested in volunteering?  Click below to fill out and submit our volunteer form.

Volunteer Opportunities Form

Incentive Programs

(Ongoing ways to help PTO earn funds for our school)

Huntsville PTO currently participates in these incentive programs:

  1. Install the Box Tops app and link our school.

  2. Harris Teeter Together in Education:  Link your VIC card to our school. The link code is 5412.

  3. Coke Rewards codes can be entered through this website.  Coke Rewards are under the twist off tops of Coca-Cola bottled products.

  4. Please make us aware of any other incentives programs that we may have overlooked:)


Our School Improvement Plan is located on the Indistar website. This is a web-based tool that guides our school in charting our improvement and managing our continuous improvement process. Updates are made regularly in the plan. Check it out using the link and information below. 

Link to Indistar

Guest login:  GuestS17175 

Guest password: GuestS17175

We want your feedback! Please complete this form to offer suggestions, comments, or ask questions about our School Improvement Plan. 2022-2023 Huntsville SIP Feedback Form

School Improvement Plan
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