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Library & Media Center

Welcome to Huntsville's Media Center. 

Huntsville's Virtual Media Center

Media Center Mission

Mission:  All users will become effective and efficient users of information and ideas.

Meet Our Staff:

Donna Edrington, MLIS, NBCT                                                                   

School Library Media Coordinator


Volunteers are always welcome and play a crucial role in helping us fulfill our mission.  Please contact Amanda Farrell or Donna Edrington to sign up or visit the Google calendar linked here and click on the day(s)/time(s) that you are available to help.

Media Center Rules

Please help your child remember the following Media Center guidelines for checking out books:

  • K-2 students may check out up to 2 books at a time. However, if the student has 1 or more books overdue or missing he/she will need to find and return these books before checking out a new book.

  • 3-5 students may check out up to two books at a time. However, if the student has 1 or more books overdue or missing he/she will be limited to checking out 1 book at a time until the missing book(s) are found and returned. 

  • Exceptions can be made for special circumstances. Speak with your school librarian.  

  • Check-outs are for a 2-week period.

  • No fines will be applied for missing books until the end of the school year

Media Center Policies

Media Center Scheduling and Calendar

Staff members may access the calendar embedded below to sign up for classes with Mrs. Edrington, reserve times to visit the RCPL Bookmobile, and/or sign up for times to visit the Book Fair.  Just click the plus sign in the lower-right of the calendar.

Staff members may access the calendar linked below to sign up for programming options designed for individual students and/or small groups.  Volunteers can use the link to click on the times they would like to help out in the Media Center.

Huntsville Media Center Appointment Calendar

All events scheduled in the Media Center and/or involving Mrs. Edrington and Media Center Volunteers are visible on the calendar embedded below.  Use the arrow keys near the top to see the week you want to see.  Clicking on the Week or Agenda tabs at the right increases visibility.

Useful Websites

Collection of Virtual Library Lessons from Ms. Rachel at Madison-Mayodan RCPL

You do not have to have a Facebook account to use the links in the images below.  If you click Show More, you will be sent to Facebook.  Click the Not Now button on the large box that pops up, then use the scroll bar on the right to read above the white rectangle at the bottom. 

Virtual Library Lessons

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