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Information about RCS' Transition to Plan B

Updated: Aug 29, 2020

VERY IMPORTANT: Rockingham County Schools is scheduled to transition to Plan B, which starts on September 21st! Please go to the RCS Transition to Plan B--Important Information Page. This page contains two important documents and you can view two videos about our transition to Plan B or about the parent option for continued virtual learning.

Parents/Guardians MUST submit and sign a Memorandum of Understanding for each child who wishes to continue with only virtual learning and return it to their student's base school by Friday, September 4 in order to continue with learning in the Rockingham County Schools Virtual School Option.

RCS PLAN B is: AA Wednesday No School for Cleaning BB all siblings will be on the same day - you will know if your child is an AA (Monday/Tuesday or BB Thursday/Friday) at a later date.

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