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Important--Health Requirements Summary and Updates

From Amanda Perkins, RN, BSN, NCSN

RCS Lead School Nurse

As a reminder, certain health requirements occur for students as they progress through grades K-12. Normally, these requirements are due by the 30th day of enrollment of the new school year or ongoing as new students enroll throughout the school year. During this time of Covid-19, our state leaders extended the deadline for submission of documentation showing that these health requirements had been met to October 30, 2020. As we arrived at that date, state leaders have once again extended the deadline to a new date of December 30, 2020.

As part of this extension, state leaders have determined that any student remaining without documentation of completed health requirements after December 30, 2020 will be excluded from in-person and virtual learning until the requirement is submitted. Even during these times of uncertainty where precautionary measures are being followed, wellness visits and immunizations remain important and recommended. Most providers have implemented safety measures to ensure limited gatherings at their offices and some even offer hybrid visits, which can involve part telehealth and part in-person visits.

Our school nurses encourage anyone who has a child with needed health requirements to please ensure appropriate documentation is submitted by the newest deadline, 12/30/20, to avoid your child having interruption of their academics. Please contact your child’s school nurse if you have any questions or need any assistance. Please see below for the existing health requirements:

  • Kindergarten: completed immunization record and health assessment(physical)

  • 7th grade: TDaP and Meningococcal Immunizations

  • 12th grade: Meningococcal Immunization(2nd dose)

  • K-12 first time NC public school student: updated immunization record & health assessment

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